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Chouette asbl
Chouette asbl

Here’s a cult band that - with its explosive, urban mix of music genres, rhythms, languages and cultures - has evolved into a high quality brand, appreciated by both the international press and audiences all over.

Add to that the typically Belgian pinch of self-derision and understatement and the result is a band with the energy of rock (without guitars!), the improvised twist of jazz, the open-minded approach of world music and the eagerness of a street band. Well-rooted in their home town Brussels the band's unique identity is yet enforced by their poetic and socially committed lyrics, celebrating the cultural melting pot of our modern day world. The optimistic undertone convincingly states that another world is possible, raising a fist rather than the middle finger. And it is the kind of music you can dance to 'til you drop at a gig, but also enjoy as you listen more closely at home. To their latest album ROUTES (2013), for instance.


Get ready for some genuine Europeana: kick-ass roots on accordion, drums, bass & horns, straight from the heart of Europe. No linguistic or other borders though with singing in French, English and Dutch.



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