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Chouette provides a range of administrative support services to music artists and bands. Thanks to this support, artists can invoice their services and manage their projects’ finances transparently. Services such as the distribution and payment of fees, management of a fund dedicated to production costs (recording/mixing/mastering costs, purchase of equipment, transport costs related to a performance, etc.) are all done via an online tool developed by the company to give complete autonomy to every band.

Currently, these administrative services support some forty artistic projects in Belgium.

Please contact us to find out more.


Aishinka — Aleph Quintet — Awa Keme Kemo — Azmari — Bang Brass Gang — Bernard Orchestar — Blue Mockingbirds — Brussels Bayou Orchestra — Cité Moderne  — Echt! — Fières Bretelles —  Hapa Haolé Vestibule — Herman Little Big Band — Herman Sextet — High Jinks Delegation — Illegaal Big Band — Jazz Syndicate — Kumbele — L’amicale de la Nouvelle-Orléans — La Crapaude — La Fanfare Formidable — La Malanga — Laurent Vigneron and the Po'boys — Le Bal de Marie-Galante — Les Contes d'Alfonsina — Les Taupes qui boivent du lait — Les Violons de Bruxelles — Lester's Blues — M. Chuzi — Milk TV — Morning Call — Muriel D'ailleurs — Neptunian Maximalism — Nihil Obstat — Phoenician Drive — Cie Scraboutcha — Super Ska — Swing Syndicats — Synestet — The Pigeons — Wata Wata