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Mambo Opera

When an eccentric opera singer meets a group of musicians inspired by Latin American culture, you get a totally unexpected and unclassifiable musical style.

Araponga was born out of a desire to revive and defend a repertoire that had fallen into oblivion: that of the diva of the four octaves, Yma Sumac. These seven artists take you on a journey through the sometimes seductive, sometimes dangerous Peruvian jungle, with a dynamic, wild and surprising repertoire combining mambo and opera. 


  • Adélaïde Supiot: singer
  • Gaspard Mathelin: trumpeter
  • Alice Riberolles: trombonist
  • Gauthier Lottin: saxophonist
  • Alexandre Eskandar Hessabi: guitarist
  • Anaïs Moffarts: bassist
  • Pierre Ferrand: percussionist