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Humorous, hard-hitting song lyrics

Dans ses textes, COLLINE aime mêler humour, poésie, questionnements simples ou existentiels.

In her songs, COLLINE combines humour and poetry to tackle simple albeit existential questions. Her own sensitivity enables her to capture the flood of emotions flowing within us with colourful words, meteorological metaphors (“Foudre” (lightning), “Brouillard” (fog), “Tempête” (storm), “Lumière” (lightning)) and music that swings from softness to intensity. COLLINE is also a storyteller who questions our gendered upbringing with a false naivety, as well as its impact on our relationships (particularly Vanilla-flavoured) and our conflicting relationship with skirts. The ORIGINAL instrumentation, made up of a voice, a viola, and a cello, gives this repertoire a new, refined aesthetic: strings are plucked, rubbed, lyrical or percussive, and allow for some improvised vocal flights of emotion.

Vocals, viola-guitar: COLLINE

Cello: François Meulemans