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Post-rock, chamber rock, modern classical

OGIVES is an ambitious musical project stretching across the boundaries of genres.

Founded and led by composer/musician Pavel Tchikov and drummer/poet Alexis Van Doosselaere, the ensemble takes listeners into a sacred universe, a cathedral of sound built on the foundations of rock and classical music. The group’s output is resolutely personal and poetic, dominated by a host of melodious, polyphonic, shouted, and lyrical voices. OGIVES' first album, La mémoire des orages (SubRosa, 2023), is structured around poems written by two members of the project. These poems tackle such themes as the perception of time and the prospect of death. Ranging from post-rock and prog to contemporary music, baroque and medieval music, electronic music and noise, the band’s many influences blend to forge a homogeneous, unique sound. From the opening vocals to the final incisive riff, this dense, melancholy epic is performed by nine skilled, versatile musicians. The album was mixed by Steve Albini.


  • Marie Billy: vocals, keyboards
  • Zoé Pireaux: vocals, flute
  • Charlie Maerevoet: saxophones, keyboards, vocals
  • Martin Chenel: saxophones, synthesizer, vocals
  • Manu Henrion: guitar, trombone, vocals
  • Ian-Elfinn Rosiu: cello
  • Pavel Tchikov: guitar, synthesizers, vocals, lyrics
  • Tom Malmendier: drums, percussion
  • Alexis Van Doosselaere: drums, percussion, lyrics